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Best Selling Products:
Who we are:

Jinan Powerful Image Equipment Co., LTD is a professional company that mainly produces and sells photo studio post-production equipment and consumables in Shandong province, China. We supply one-stop service for the factory of photo post-production. We have won tremendous affirmation from majority of consumers relying on the industry-leading marketing models and marketing strategies suitable for local. Firstly, we have strong economic foundation, strong network of relationships, professional R&D team to ensure that there is steady stream of new products. Secondly, we own strong production capacity to guarantee the quality and timely delivery of goods. In addition, we have perfect after sales service to solve all problems. 

We have wide range of commodity information network. And our cooperating partners  has been around the world. Many traders in Europe and the United States has become our sole agent.  <More> …


Jinan Powerful Image Equipment Co.,LTD.

Tel : 0086-15954121784


Fax: 0086-0531-68822559

Skype: sophiadada

Email: qs2012@jnpowerful.com  

Website: www.99haoxie.com 

Address: Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, in North America the first North One Jinshuiwan

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